Xperia 10 IV owners get their invite to the Android 13 party


Everyone who bought the Xperia 10 IV can indeed celebrate since the Android 13 software is actually coming. The upgrade for the mid-range Xperia smartphone has reportedly started rolling out in Southeast Asia, according to a tip from XDA-Developers.

According to XDA-Developers, the update is only available for the dual-SIM version of the Xperia 10 IV and has the build number 65.1.A.4.8. Additionally, although it’s a little late, the  December security patch from 2022 is included.

A month after Sony started distributing Android 13 to its own premium handsets, an update is now available. This applies to the most recent Xperia 1 IV and Xperia 5 IV, as well as each of their respective forerunners. Its mid-range Xperia 10 range was left out of the upgrade until now, while the high-end Xperia Pro-I got it in December.

Sony described what consumers may anticipate from the update, even though Android 13 isn’t an extremely significant upgrade compared to the prior releases. The upgrade includes enhanced media permissions, an easy option to monitor background apps, and more dynamic color options. Additionally, Sony prioritizes Bluetooth Low Energy Audio, offering more effective, superior audio experiences.

The phone itself is a decent mid-range model that competes well with other entry-level Android phones. The device has a 6 ” Full hd+ resolution OLED screen with a 21:9 cinematic aspect ratio. It sports a 12 MP triple rear camera arrangement on the back, a Snapdragon 695 processor, 6 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of expandable storage. Additionally, there is a 5,000 mAh battery, which lasts around 2 days on a fully charged battery.

If you would rather not wait, you may manually update for the update in the settings app by navigating to the Software updater area. Alternatively, you can use the XperiFirm tool created by XDA’s IgorEisberg to get the entire firmware packet from Sony’s servers and flash it with whatever upload tool you prefer.

Sony’s Xperia 10 IV is anticipated to receive the Android 13 patch in more territories in the coming days. Sadly, Xperia 10 IV owners outside of Japan may need to hang tight for a few days or even a few weeks to receive the Android 13 version for their phones. Although we don’t yet have a concrete release date, Sony should release it shortly. 



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