Twitters continues to alienate their community by culling API access


The social media platform Twitter has finally reacted to reports that it had barred outside apps from using its API, which surfaced last week. And the reply is far from satisfactory.

Last week, users and developers of programs such as Tweetbot and Twitterrific discovered that their apps were no longer being able to connect to Twitter; however, the social network provided no additional information. It was thought that a simple outage was the reason for the lack of connectivity, but it is now obvious that the action was deliberate.

Yesterday, Twitter’s developer relations handle eventually revealed some information about what’s going on, but the response hasn’t been well received and contains very little actual information.

The Twitter Dev account simply stated that the business “is enforcing its long-standing API standards” without specifying what those rules are, which are now being disputed by software developers, users, and tech experts. Again, no one is aware of these guidelines.

The post received swift and harsh comments, with many people merely seeking clarification on which of the guidelines were breached. No one seems to have responded as of yet.

Twitter has not officially confirmed which regulations have been infringed as of the time of writing. which, given the present state of Twitter, probably means that no one has had a chance to pull an excuse from the big bowl of excuses they’re keeping in Twitter HQ for their recent incidents. 

Regardless of the seemingly arbitrary reasoning for this disconnection, app developers are all in unison in saying that they would be happy to align with the new rules if they were notified of any specific changes. But since no one has been notified of any specific changes, it would imply that there weren’t any changes made. 

Given the importance of API access across all forms of businesses, services, and support, Twitter’s DevRel is in a lot of hot water with this PR disaster. This is in the wake of Twitter’s ongoing list of PR faux pas as well as the lengthy list of changes that Elon Musk has made since acquiring Twitter. With changes to the Blue Tick system denoting public figures and outlets to reconfiguring the homepage to be Tiktok-like. This will no doubt give Twitter survival skeptics more to talk about as Twitter continues to alienate the people who have made the platform what it is.

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