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If you need a PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat is a great reader. It’s free to use and it gets the job done. But if you need to edit PDFs, that’s when it gets a little tricky. While you might think of Acrobat when it comes to PDF readers, the problem is that it is pretty pricey, especially if you don’t really need to do a lot of heavy duty editing and if you’re not running a huge company and you cannot justify the prices Adobe is asking for.

There are also certain limitations to Acrobat as a PDF editor that some power users might find a bit lacking. If that is the case for you and you are in the market for a new PDF editor, then perhaps UPDF could be what the doctor ordered.

Why use a PDF editor

PDF editors are a great way of creating forms for people to fill up digitally, and having a PDF editor means that you can fill up certain forms that were generated online.

This is a much cleaner/neater way of filling up digital forms compared to editing a word document. PDF editors will also allow users to do things like sign a document digitally, otherwise you might need to print out the form, sign it, scan it back into your home, and send it. With a PDF editor, all these things can be done in seconds instead of minutes.

It can also work with things like checkboxes where you can use a PDF editor to create more interactive forms for your customers.

PDF editors also make it easier for users to move pages around, which will be useful in particularly long documents where you might need to shift certain pages around, so instead of cutting and pasting and having to rearrange your entire word document, you can just drag and drop pages quickly and easily.

Last but not least, there is also the issue of security where PDF files can be protected and have part of its content redacted, and you can also grant and revoke access to the file remotely if necessary. 

What can UPDF do for you

Read and annotate PDFs

At the bare minimum, a PDF editor should allow users to not only edit, but read PDF documents, and that’s something that UPDF can do, so you won’t have to use a separate PDF reader and editor.

It also allows users to annotate their documents while they’re reading them, so if you’re trying to highlight certain parts of the document to call attention to them for editing later, you can by highlighting text, underlining them, and also strikethrough. You can also leave text comments, insert text boxes, put a digital sticky note, and more.

There are also a bunch of stickers that you can use as a form of annotation if you’re trying to brighten up the document and make it less serious, or if you’re using it for a personal project and you want to create a PDF that looks fun and exciting.

Edit everything in the PDF

Seeing as UPDF is a PDF editor, it will be able to do everything you might need from such an application. If you’re just a simple user who needs to make minor PDF edits every now and then, the app’s got you covered, but if you’re a more advanced user who may require more advanced editing tools, UPDF will not let you down either.

For example, apart from the simple editing of text, UPDF will allow users to edit images in the app as well. They can add images to a PDF, or they can also extract images from within the PDF if they need to save it. They can also make adjustments like rotating it and cropping it if they’re trying to make more space or trying to tidy up the document.

Users will also be able to add links, watermarks, and even background images to enhance the overall look of the PDF, as well as insert header and footers. Users will also be able to drag and drop rich text so instead of copying and pasting, you can just drag and drop it anywhere you want.

Organize your PDF pages

Like we said earlier, one of the advantages of PDF editors over regular word processors is that it comes with different and perhaps more powerful editing tools. If you’re looking to edit a bit of text here and there, a word processor can get it done, but if you’re trying to edit an entire document and move pages around, that’s where an editor like UPDF can come in handy.

Users will be able to crop pages, or they can also insert, replace, or even extract pages. They can also split pages if they need to make certain parts of the PDF shorter, like if you’re trying to edit a novel. You can also remove pages for better conciseness of the overall document, and shift things around to suit your needs.

Convert PDF with OCR

If you’re trying to digitize physical documents, the obvious thing to do would be to scan it into your computer. The problem with this method is that you end up with just a JPEG of your document which means that if you need to edit it or search within it, you can’t.

One of the features of UPDF is the ability for users to scan tier documents and convert it to OCR, which means that your scanned documents will be searchable and editable, which is incredibly powerful and useful if you have a lot of older documents that need to be digitized but are still relevant and important to your operations.

It also saves users time and money where they won’t have to search for another OCR tool, which may or may not be what the user requires, and pay a separate and potentially more expensive license, when it can all be done within the UPDF software.

Adobe Acrobat versus UPDF

While Adobe Acrobat might be the PDF reader and editor you think of when it comes to PDF files, the reality is that there are plenty of other PDF editors out there that can get the job done and then some, especially at a much cheaper price.

One of the main differences and advantages that UPDF has over Acrobat is price. We cannot stress this enough simply because Adobe charges customers an annual subscription starting at $155.88 a year, or if you want Acrobat Pro DC, you’ll have to fork out as much as $239.88 a year. This is a lot of money, especially for smaller businesses that might not necessarily work with PDFs as much, but do use the functionality of PDF editors every now and then.

With UPDF, the company is only charging $29.99 a year, or if you don’t mind paying a bit more, you can get a lifetime license for just $49.99. This license works across multiple platforms including mobile, so you don’t need to pay for separate licenses for different devices.

In terms of features, UPDF does pretty much everything Acrobat can do in terms of basic editing. It can open, view, and read PDFs, search for text in PDFs, annotate PDFs, add text, editing existing text, extract, crop, or replace images in a PDF, add links, watermarks, backgrounds, and more.

It can also take scanned documents and turn into a searchable and editable document, something that the normal paid version of Acrobat cannot do. It can also convert your PDF file into multiple file formats like CSV, BMP, GIF, and more.

UPDF is also promising its customers frequent updates every week, and they also claim to offer responsive customer support, so if you ever run into issues and need help, there will be somebody there to help you out.

Should you get UPDF?

In short? Yes, you should. There are so many more advantages to using UPDF as your PDF editor compared to the competition. Not only is UPDF more feature rich and offers more powerful editing tools, but it also comes in at a very competitive price where there really is no reason to consider using another PDF editor.

While small companies might probably be able to appreciate the cost savings more, if you run a medium or large business, if this can help you shave off a couple of hundred dollars in expenses every year, why not? If you’d like to get UPDF, you can get 53% discount off for a limited time

UPDF is also offering users a free and full trial to its software so you can take it for a spin and see if it’s right for you before you click that purchase button, so why not give it a shot!

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