The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could be packing an insane camera


It has been speculated and rumored that one of the upgrades we could be seeing in the Samsung Galaxy S23 series would be in its camera, where there have been rumors claiming that a 200MP sensor could be used.

It now looks like those rumors could be true as Samsung has since taken the wraps off their latest ISOCELL sensor in the form of the HP2. This is a 200MP sensor that kind of sits in between the HP1 sensor and the HP3.

In terms of its specs, apart from the 200MP count, it is a 1/1.3-inch sensor that one might typically find in a 108MP sensor. Samsung has also managed to cram 200 million 0.6 micrometer pixels into the sensor, meaning that they have doubled the number of pixels while retaining the size.

Samsung claims that this was achieved using their Tetra2pixel pixel binning technology, and while it might sound technical, basically what this means for end users is that it is a more adaptable sensor that can transform itself to accommodate various light scenarios.

While Samsung has yet to confirm which phones will be utilizing the tech, it can’t be a coincidence that Samsung has announced this new sensor with the Galaxy S23 series so close to being launched, meaning that there is a good chance that this sensor could find its way into the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Either way, we’ll find out soon enough as Samsung has confirmed the launch date for the Galaxy S23 lineup for the 1st of February.

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