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To safeguard private menstrual health data in a post-Roe America, Flo, the top menstruation wellness app, announced the launch of its “Anonymous Mode” function. The first menstruation-tracking app to embrace this level of security and privacy care is Flo’s Anonymous Mode. This new mode gives any user the choice to utilize the app without having their name, email address, or other technological identifiers linked to the records in their account. In order to ensure that no single company collecting info for Anonymous Mode users has complete knowledge of each user and the content they are trying to access. Flo has worked with Cloudflare to incorporate an Oblivious HTTP solution, App Relay Gateway.

The goal of Flo is to improve the health of women by offering its 48 million active users evidence-based information on topics like sexual health and reliable contraception. Based on the idea that users can feel supported to receive medically reliable information to support them in making educated choices about their own health without stress or worry, Flo’s Anonymous Mode was created. By encrypting all user data and requiring a passcode to access the app on a personal device, Flo has already taken substantial steps to ensure that all users receive the greatest standard of privacy and security.

This update comes just after Flo made history by being the first menstrual and fertility tracker to be certified to ISO 27001, the world’s most widely used information security standard. The certification, which was developed by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), confirms that Flo’s policy, mechanisms, and processes adhere to the strictest requirements in the world and attests to the extent to which Flo secures users’ data.

Flo’s cutting-edge privacy and security features continue to apply to all user data, irrespective if a user decides to create an account in Anonymous Mode. Flo decided to take this further step to comfort users who are located in states where abortion is prohibited despite the fact that it doesn’t sell identifying user health information to any other company. The usage of the app’s full customizing features may not always be possible if Anonymous Mode is engaged, and individuals will be unable to recover data whenever the device becomes broken or stolen. Because of this, Flo does not activate Anonymous Mode by default but rather provides it as a choice for customers who are worried.

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