Google replaces Shorts Fund with new Partnership Program


With over 30 billion views daily and 1.5 billion monthly active users, short-form video is now wildly popular on YouTube, inspiring an upsurge in creativity across all subjects, industries, and geographical areas. YouTube established an interim Shorts Fund to begin recognizing this emerging creative class.

Google has provided further details on its new Partnership Program for Shorts makers as promised. Google confirmed that Shorts income sharing will start on the 1st of February 2023 and replacing the Shorts Fund, which was first established in 2021, in a help page released this week.

You must produce original material that adheres to YouTube’s advertiser-friendly rules in order to be eligible. Non-original material like reposts of other contributors, unedited excerpts from motion pictures and tv programs, and unoriginal compilations are examples of ineligible Shorts.

To take part in revenue sharing, creators must join the Shorts Monetization Module. Google also reaffirms that regardless of whether they use music or not, creators will earn 45% of the income from adverts.

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There are currently only a few ways that this is possible:

Ad revenue sharing for Shorts Feed. The money earned from the adverts that play in-between the clips in Shorts Feed is collected each month and used to pay producers and contribute to the cost of music licensing.

Views and audio use across the Shorts submitted by monetizing creators, Shorts Feed ad money is subsequently distributed into the Creator Pool.

All of the money connected with views of a Short that a generating revenue creator uploads without any music comes into to the Pool.

According to the number of songs utilized, YouTube will divide the revenue with views of a Short uploaded by a monetizing creator between both the Pool and music licensors.

Distribution of the Creator Pool. Based on their proportion of the total views of the making money producers’ Shorts in each nation, revenue is given to them from the full sum in the Creator Pool. For instance, a creator will receive 5% of the funds from the Creator Pool if the qualified Shorts views are posted by monetizing creators.

Regardless of whether songs were used or not, creators who are paid will retain 45% of their allotted income.

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