7 Passive Income Sources Available on Your Phone


If there is something that is almost universal to every person on earth is that we all have a smartphone in our pocket. Today, smartphones rank as the most commonly used electronic device in the world. 

After all, we use our smartphones for almost everything we do. Talking to others, taking pictures, posting them online, storing important information, using our bank accounts, and the list goes on. 

Since we are on our smartphones virtually all the time, it is natural that many users are interested in maximizing the value we can squeeze out of these devices. That can also include making money. Unbeknownst to many, there are several ways to generate passive income through your smartphone, mostly with the help of several Android applications.

In this article, we will explore some of the ways you can use your phone to make a little extra by the end of the month.


Swagbucks is an app and search engine that can be used to create passive income. You make an income by completing tasks assigned by the app. These tasks range from using their search engine to completing surveys and polls.

Another way you can make money through Swagbucks is by downloading, installing, and opening certain apps.

There are some other ways to generate income through Swagbucks, such as shopping online. When you shop online, you can use Swagbucks’ website to get discounts or cashback.


Honeygain is another app that allows you to make passive income. Furthermore, this is one of the few apps where you actually do not have to perform any activity to earn income. 

When you use the internet, you rarely use the entire bandwidth that you have. Honeygain uses this extra bandwidth you are not using to provide world-leading businesses with access to the internet without location-based restrictions or censorship. 

Honeygain pays you depending on how much bandwidth and how many devices you can provide their system. 

The app has recently partnered with JumpTask, another money-making app, which rewards its users for watching ads, doing minor translations, filling out surveys, and performing other microtasks. 

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an app that gives you money solely for completing surveys. This is one of the simplest passive income tasks. 

Surveys might take between 5 to 30 minutes to complete. There are other tasks that you can do to earn money, such as setting up your profile or attending group sessions. 


InboxDollars has several ways to earn income. Mostly, the activities pertain to reading emails. However, there are other activities such as playing video games or completing surveys. 

Drop App

With Drop App, you make money by making online purchases. The more you spend, the more you save. Anytime you make a purchase, you earn Drop points, which can be transferred to your Paypal account or can be used to make more purchases. 

Drop App has partnerships with over 500 brands, allowing you to save on the purchase of their products. However, you can also earn money by completing surveys or playing select video games.


Mysterium pays you for allowing your network to be used by others as a VPN. Your device will be connected to the Mysterium network, which, in turn, allows other users to use your device as a node for VPN or proxy services. 


Just like Drop App, Ibotta is an app where you save by making purchases through it. The app finds all discounts it can for the products you want to purchase, making sure that you are getting the best price. 

There are other ways to save and make money through Ibotta, such as linking loyalty accounts, uploading receipts, or by receiving cashback from gift cards.


Sweatcoin is a fitness app that rewards your daily steps. The app rewards you with Sweatcoins that can be used to redeem various goods and services: from new phones to yoga classes.

Not only that, but you can swap your Sweatcoins for SWEAT tokens, the app’s own cryptocurrency. The first 5,000 steps of the day will award you with a SWEAT token, while the next steps will award you with Sweatcoins. 


There are multiple passive money-making apps nowadays. However, some of them require way less user involvement than others.


Since we allow our smartphones to control so much of our lives, it is time for us to also make the most out of our devices. Though not bringing a huge profit, these apps can make a useful addition to your monthly budget. Since most of them do not require extra time, effort or any type of qualification or skill, such apps keep garnering an immense amount of new users every day, making passive income at least worth a try even for the biggest skeptics.


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