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Basic Information About WhoCallMe 

Ever been in a situation where you wanted to find out who called me from a phone number? With WhoCallMe, you can now identify who’s calling you and their details for free! WhoCallMe stands out as one of the most sought-after reverse phone lookup platforms. Featured with 24/7 fantastic online service, this professional company enables users to unmask unknown callers and get the details about them from anywhere in the US at any time. 

The platform collects caller data from multiple legal sources such as the internet, social media, the federal government, and state directories. It can guarantee that the information you get from this site is highly accurate and extensive. The excellent customer reviews show that the company has built trust amongst its users by presenting reliable results about phone callers within the shortest time possible. 

How Does WhoCallMe Work? 

WhoCallMe searches for caller details from its extensive public and private records, including federal and state government directories, police and court records, and security agencies. This ensures you get accurate and up-to-date caller details and background information. 

Upon visiting the WhoCallMe site, you will see the search bar, displayed on the home page. Just enter the unknown phone number there and click the search button. Within a few minutes, the platform will generate the search results which include the caller’s full name, current location, acquaintances, social media handles associated with the caller, and much more.

Analyze the caller’s information to know who is calling you with new numbers to make an informed decision. If the caller is someone you know, you can call back. If it’s someone with a criminal record, you’re free to download the report and share it with the FBI or other security agencies. 

Where Does WhoCallMe Get Its Information?

This site collects caller information from public records, government offices, and private institutions, which include:

  • FBI and local crime directories. 
  • Local, state, the federal government, and public records. 
  • Financial institutions like credit unions, banks, and microfinance databases. 
  • Data from the court records. 
  • United States of America census database. 
  • Internet and social media platforms. 
  • Consumer reporting institutions records. 
  • Commercial business data such as property records or subscription databases. 

WhoCallMe databases are updated regularly, so you can trust the site to help you identify persons calling you with unknown phone numbers.

Could I Track Down All Of This Information Without Using WhoCallMe?

It can be challenging to find detailed caller information by yourself without the help of a reliable reverse phone lookup service provider like WhoCallMe. The process of collecting data and then compiling a report manually can be tedious and expensive. You will have to visit all relevant government and private institutions, apply to access the caller information, then wait for days or weeks to get feedback. 

To avoid the inconveniences involved in searching for caller information physically,  you can just use the WhoCallMe service to obtain the caller details instantly. 

How to Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number on WhoCallMe? 

First, visit the WhoCallMe website on your smartphone, desktop, or laptop. Any internet-enabled device can access this reverse phone lookup site. Once on the site, find out who called you through the following simple steps;

  • Enter the phone number: Type in the correct phone number on the WhoCallMe search bar on the site’s home page. Include the phone number area code if you have it for better search results. 
  • Click on the search button: Upon typing the phone number, click the search button to start the search process. The site will display the search process as you wait for the final report. 
  • Get the search results: After a few minutes, the site will take you to the search results page. Sometimes you may get more than one result, view all of them, or choose the most suitable outcome. 
  • Take action: After knowing who called, you can now figure out what to do with the phone number. Call back, block, or report the number to relevant institutions if they’re criminals trying to threaten you. 

Features of WhoCallMe 

The WhoCallMe phone lookup platform has incredible features that make it welcomed by most customers.  Some of these top specifications include the following;

Reverse Phone Lookup

This is the most popular feature on the WhoCallMe site that allows users to enter the unknown phone number on the search bar and reveal the name of the unknown caller. It works like the traditional phonebooks, where you enter a phone number on the search bar, and the name pops up. 

However, with WhoCallMe reverse phone lookup, you get to know more than the caller’s full name. The search results also include the social media profiles associated with the phone number, residential address of the caller, friends, and other phone numbers the caller uses.

Phone Directory

The extensive phone directory is one of the features that puts WhoCallMe ahead of the competition. Users can quickly get the mysterious caller’s location and other details when carrying out a reverse phone number search through this leading platform. 

The WhoCallMe phone directory has all phone numbers and area codes in all 50 states. So it is advisable to include the area code in your search for more accurate results. This option presents full names, locations, time-zone, and a map to estimate the live location of the caller. 

People Search

This feature enables users to search for individuals by their names. If you need more information about someone, enter the full name on the search bar, then press the search button. The tool will carry out a name search on its multiple databases and present the results. 

The people search option also offers detailed information about the individual you’re looking for. You get to know the person’s contact details, like email and residential addresses, phone numbers, friends, criminal information, and other relevant information. 

However, some names are shared by many people. You may find various profiles under the same name. If the results seem inaccurate, consider providing additional information when searching. 

Why Is WhoCallMe the Best Site to Find Out Who Called Me?

WhoCallMe phone lookup site stands out on the market for different reasons, such as:

  • Ease of Use: The site user interface is friendly to novice and experienced users — no complicated search process. Furthermore, the site has educational content to help users understand the services offered and how the platform generally works. 
  • Offers Comprehensive reports: WhoCallMe provides all-inclusive reports to help users reveal the identities of mysterious callers. Apart from knowing the full names of the caller, you also know the friends, age, email address, residential and work addresses, plus other relevant details. This information is crucial in making key decisions such as determining which phone numbers to call back, block or report. 
  • Transparent lookup services: WhoCallMe has nothing to hide. It informs the users where it collects the caller information from. Which makes it one of the most trusted reverse phone lookup sites. 
  • Responsive customer support desk: If you face any challenges while using the platform, you can contact the company for assistance. The customer helpdesk is operational 24/7, and you will be dealing with real people, not bots. 

FAQs About WhoCallMe

Are WhoCallMe background checks legal?

Yes. WhoCallMe is a registered and certified reverse phone lookup service in the United States of America. The caller information you get from this site is sourced from different public records and government databases. Thus, WhoCallMe background checks are legal. 

However, the platform’s customer disclaimer prohibits the use of caller information for employee screening or marketing purposes. Using the data from WhoCallMe to harass or spam people is illegal. The site is not responsible for how you will use the information obtained. 

Is WhoCallMe free?

Our service is free, users can search for any phone number at no cost. However, if you need to download, share or save the search result for future reference, you will be charged a small service fee. You will choose your preferred payment method, then the site will automatically process the transaction. 

How do I know if it’s a scam call or not?

WhoCallMe search results will display the caller details, with a sign to show if it’s a scam caller or not. Moreover, if the phone number features some exaggerated characters, then you can easily conclude it’s a scam or robocall.  

Is WhoCallMe accurate? How often is it updated?

Yes, the site provides accurate caller details such as phone numbers, social media profiles, and email addresses, friends, and acquaintances. However, the background information may not be 100% accurate. The site relies on public records, which may not be updated on time. 

What are other ways to find out who called me?

Apart from using the phone lookup sites, you can also check who called through Google, social media platforms, area code, and voicemail. These platforms are easily accessible by anyone, provide accurate results, and you can get caller details for free. 

How can I report this phone number?

Visit the Federal Trade Commission website to report spam calls or any phone number you don’t want to call you again. Or call the agency customer support team to report the phone numbers verbally. You can also report the programmed calls or robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission “Do Not Call” online registry. 


Receiving incoming calls from unknown phone numbers can disturb your peace of mind, you might be anxious to know who is calling you. However, WhoCallMe can be the perfect solution to this problem. The site fetches caller information from different sources, mainly public databases, to ensure you get correct and reliable caller information. Then you can select the phone numbers to block or call back. 

Visit the WhoCallMe website today to learn more about their services, terms, and conditions. You can also try out your first phone number search to reveal the identity of persons calling you with new numbers. 

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