Nov 10th, 2022

A lot of the 5G modems we’re seeing today are largely found in smartphones, which makes sense since 5G is the new standard of cellular connectivity, allowing users to enjoy even faster speeds compared to its predecessor. But the speed of 5G is also one of the reasons why the tech is being viewed as more than just a way for phones to get online.

With its speed, many industries are starting to explore the use of 5G for connectivity solutions, where some are even considering replacing WiFi with it. That being said, MediaTek is here to help as the company has announced its new T800 5G modem.

Obviously 5G modems aren’t new, but with the T800, MediaTek has designed the modem to be thin and power-efficient. It can also hit download speeds as fast as 7.9Gbps, and will also come integrated with a 3GPP Release-16 5G cellular modem, FR1 transceivers, an Envelope Tracking (ET) chip, MLNA, GNSS receivers, and the associated PMICs.

While one potential use would be for smartphones, MediaTek is envisioning how the T800 5G modem could also be used for wireless access routers, mobile hotspots, vehicles, and even computers, so it will be interesting to see what kind of new products it could help create.

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