Yaber Ace K1 Projector: a great alternative to owning a TV


Putting a TV in the living room seems kind of like the standard in terms of home decoration and furnishing these days, but exactly big of a TV will depend on several things. For one, it will depend on how big of a space you have to spare that will determine how big of a TV you can get.

The next thing will also be how much money are you willing to spend. The size of a TV generally determines its cost, along with the type of display panel used, and also its resolution. So if you’re looking for a massive OLED/QLED 8K TV, then it’s going to be quite an expensive affair.

This is why in some cases, projectors might be a better option. They’re smaller, can be easily moved around, and as long as you have a flat surface, you can project it as big or small as you want. If you think that a projector might be a better fit for your needs and your home, then you might want to check out the Yaber Ace K1 Projector.

Massive projection size

Like we said, one of the selling points of projectors is that generally, the image projected can go way beyond what a TV can. In the case of the Ace K1, Yaber claims that it can project images as small as 40-inches, which is actually the size of a decent TV, or it can even go up to a whopping 150-inches, which is way bigger than most TVs you’ll be able to find on the market.

Being able to project as small or as big means that the Ace K1 is going to be flexible in terms of your needs. If you plan to use it in your bedroom, you can mount it in such a way that you can project it on your ceiling, or onto your bedroom wall, in your living room, and so on. Going bigger also means that if more people are visiting your home to watch the game, movies, and so on, you can buy a projector screen or project it outside your home in the backyard and have people gather around it.

Super bright display

If you typically watch your shows indoors, the brightness of your TV or projector probably isn’t as important because you can have ambient lighting to support it. But if you want to watch it outdoors, this is where the brightness of your projector comes into play.

With the Ace K1, Yaber claims that it will be able to hit a brightness of 650 Ansi lumens, which is brighter than some of the more expensive competitors out there. It also boasts a contrast ratio of 1600:1, which should help make colors pop and look more vibrant when you’re watching a movie or a TV show.

While the Ace K1 isn’t necessarily designed to be placed outdoors permanently, its brightness and the fact that it comes with a dustproof fully sealed optical engine means that you can view it outdoors and not have to worry too much about dust getting into it. That being said, it isn’t weather-sealed so you might want to bring it back indoors when you’re done with it.

Yaber has also included features like autofocus and auto keystone correction to make sure that what you project is projected correctly.

High-resolution viewing

The Ace K1 can project images up to 150-inches in size, but what good is watching it on such a big projection if the resolution is low? Thankfully, the Ace K1 supports Full HD 1080p native resolutions but it can also go up to 4K if needed.

Seeing as most content these days is filmed in either Full HD or 4K, this means that for the most part, you will be able to enjoy your media content without it being too pixelated. This will depend on how big you choose to throw your images, but the fact that it supports up to 4K is reassuring.

Powerful built-in speakers

Some users might prefer having their own HiFi setup to match their TVs, but if that’s just extra money you’d rather not spend and would like to have something that works right out of the box, then you’ll be happy to learn that the Yaber Ace K1 projector comes with its own built-in speakers, but don’t scoff at built-in speakers

This is because Yaber has managed to squeeze in a set of 15W stereo speakers into the projector, and while it might not be as powerful compared to a properly setup HiFi system, 15W is more than enough for the most part and you should be able to enjoy your TV shows and movies at decent volume levels.


One of the benefits of modern-day projectors is that they can be operated wirelessly. This means that you don’t need to fiddle with cables and wires to connect it to. With the Ace K1, the projector actually supports Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band WiFi 6 and can use either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequencies.

This will result in a faster connection which also means lower latency, so when you stream content to it either via your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, it should be a relatively lag-free experience. This is unlike some of the competition that still only support older WiFi 5 standards.

Pricing and availability

If the Yaber Ace K1 projector is something you might be interested in, it’s currently available in the US for $499.99 with a special $100 discount coupon which brings the price down to $399.99! Given its specs and features, the Yaber Ace K1 projector is a great value for money. For an extra exclusive 5% OFF discount code for Phandroid readers, use discount code 05PHANDROID.

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