Aug 17th, 2022

It used to be that your home WiFi would typically be faster than most mobile internet services, but as technology improves, we’re starting to see similar-ish speeds, especially with 5G.

This is why it’s not surprising to learn that MediaTek is expanding on its 5G offerings where the company has recently taken the wraps off its latest chipset – the MediaTek T830 – that they have designed with routers and mobile hotspots in mind, allowing users to hook onto 5G networks whether they’re at home or on the go, even if they don’t have a 5G compatible device.

According to MediaTek, the T830 chipset will feature the use of the company’s M80 modem and comes with features like Release 16 capabilities for sub-6GHz bands as well as global 5G support. It can also be self-installed which means that companies can reduce costs and complications by not having to integrate it with existing infrastructures.

The chipset itself features 2.2GHz quad-core processors, a dedicated network processing unit, and it is WiFi 6/6E compatible and it will also be ready for WiFi 7 which is expected to debut in 2023.

While some users might still prefer more traditional internet setups, one of the advantages of this is chipsets like the MediaTek T830 is that it can enable mobile hotspots with 5G connectivity, so when you’re on the go, you won’t have to rely on public networks which can sometimes be unsecured or slow.

We’re not sure which manufacturers are planning on taking advantage of the T830 by MediaTek, but with its launch, hopefully we’ll start to see more options when it comes to 5G capable routers and mobile hotspots in the future.

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