Huawei’s latest smartwatch comes with interchangeable shells and straps


Some companies that make smartwatches offer users a singular design that they can customize with straps, like the Apple Watch. Others, like Samsung, offer different types of watches with different designs to suit different needs, which means that in some instances, users might have to compromise on features to get the look they want.

But in Huawei’s case, the company’s latest smartwatch is actually rather unique in the sense that it comes with an interchangeable shell and straps. Dubbed the Huawei Watch GT Cyber, the actual smartwatch itself can be detached from its shell and straps, thus allowing users to swap between different looks.

Whether you want a look that’s more dressy, one that’s more fashionable, one that’s sporty, you’ll have several options to choose from. The watch itself features a 1.32-inch circular AMOLED display and runs on HarmonyOS and offers over 100 different workout modes, sleep tracking, SpO2 tracking, heart rate measurements, NFC, and more.

It also supports Qi wireless charging which means that you no longer have to be limited to the charging puck if you’d rather not use it. Huawei claims that it will offer up to 4 days of heavy use, and up to 7 days of moderate use.

For those who are interested, the Huawei Watch GT Cyber is only available in China where the Sport variant will cost CNY1,288, while the Urban and Fashion options will retail for CNY1,488.

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