Tracking your packages just got a lot better with Gmail


One of the appeals of online shopping is that when your package arrives, it’s kind of like opening a present, and sometimes you might be so excited you’re constantly tracking its delivery status.

Now, the problem with the current tracking methods is that you’ll have to first open the email with the tracking number, then go to a tracking website or the courier’s website, put in the number, and then check. If you do this multiple times a day, it can be tedious (don’t worry, we can understand the excitement).

The good news is that if you’re a Gmail user, Google has announced an update to Gmail that will make tracking a lot more simpler. Basically, Google will show you the tracking status of your shipment directly in the Gmail app itself. This means no longer having to open websites or rely on third-party apps.

“In the coming weeks, Gmail will show a simple, helpful view of your package tracking and delivery information right in your inbox. For orders with tracking numbers, Gmail will prominently display your current delivery status in your inbox list view and in a summary card at the top of individual emails. Package tracking will be available across most major U.S. shipping carriers and will provide important details at a glance, such as estimated arrival date and status — like ‘Label created,’ ‘Arriving tomorrow’ or ‘Delivered today.’”

The information shown will be simple so unless you want more detailed information like the times the item has been scanned, destination country, and so on, you’ll still need to open a website for it, but for the most part, this should be sufficient for most users.

Source: Google

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