This is Samsung’s One UI 5.0’s update schedule


In the past few weeks, Samsung has been steadily adding devices to its One UI 5.0 beta, which is basically the latest version of One UI that will be based on Google’s Android 13 update.

To date, the Galaxy S22 series are the only phones from Samsung to have received the full update, while the rest are on beta, so if you’re wondering when is your turn, here’s Samsung’s schedule.

According to Samsung, it seems that come November, phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Flip 3, Fold 4, and Flip 4 will be getting the update, alongside the S20 and S21 series, the Note 20 series, and some of Samsung’s tablets. Then come December, the update will arrive for the Z Fold 2, the OG Flip and Flip 5G, the S20 FE, and more Samsung tablets and some of the company’s A-series of phones.

The update rollout is also expected to continue in January and February 2023 and will cover more Samsung tablets, more Galaxy A handsets, so if you own any of these devices, this is when you should be able to expect the One UI 5.0 update. Keep in mind that there could be some delays and if you’re in the US, will also be pending carrier approval, but at least we now have a rough timeframe to look forward to.

Source: SamMobile

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