Oct 25th, 2022

Remember back in the day when MySpace was the social network? One of the features it had over other platforms like Friendster was it allowed users to customize their profile pages, which was great if you had a band or brand and wanted to showcase your products or songs in a unique way, but it was annoying if you were a regular user and you would go to profiles only for songs to start blasting in the background.

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then, but Instagram seems like they might be interested in bringing the early 2000s back.

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, it appears that Instagram is testing out a new feature that would allow users to put a song in their profile. At the moment in its current form, it seems that the song does not start playing automatically, but that may change upon release.

Instead, it seems that like song just sits in your profile’s description, so we imagine that maybe some users might want to use it to show the mood they are in, or if you’re a musician, it could also be used to highlight your latest single and allow users to play it directly within your profile instead of opening up another app.

It might be too early to tell how this will work exactly, and since this is a test, for all we know, Instagram could end up scrapping it, but we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, are you on board with this feature?

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