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We have no idea how people lived before apps. When Apple first allowed iOS device owners to download apps from the App Store in 2008, there were only about 500 available.

According to current estimates, this figure is now in the millions. With most users prefer mobile web browsing and developers releasing apps for anything online, from social media platforms to play at the best online casinos in NZ, it makes sense that mobile apps have the biggest jumps in trends. But with so many options, how do you decide which apps are worth your time, money, and limited storage space?

We did the research and compiled a list of the top five most popular apps in New Zealand that every Kiwi should have on their phone.

Xero Verify

Playstore – 3.4 Appstore – 1.4

If your password is simple to guess, it might put a serious dent in your work productivity. Having Xero Verify app installed, ensures a second safeguard to protect your information further.

An extra layer of security during login, multi-factor authentication (MFA) uses more than one method to ensure it’s actually you. This additional safeguard will keep them out if someone else knows your password.

Xero places a premium on keeping your data safe. Your company will come to a halt if even one employee knows your password. As a result, Xero has added a second lock on the door to ensure the safety of your information.

That’s why Xero Verify employs multi-factor authentication: to keep accounts safe. With this added layer of security, your account is far less likely to be compromised, even if a malicious actor obtains your email address and password via phishing or malware.

Rova: Entertainment on Command

Playstore – 4.2 Appstore – 4.2

Regarding internet radio and entertainment in New Zealand, Rova Apps is one of the best apps in New Zealand. A centralized location for listening to live streams of all of New Zealand’s radio stations and TV shows, Rova is the go-to app for entertainment lovers.

Find podcasts featuring your favorite Rova and New Zealand radio programs, and catch up on podcasts.

MediaWorks NZ, the owners of Rova, have the most prominent commercial radio listeners in New Zealand and are dedicated to producing high-quality sound.

Subscribe to digital versions from your preferred stations for a more tailored advertising experience. Enjoy more music than ever before with Rova Music+ stations, which link you deeper with our key brands and are accessible for zero-cost, round-the-clock streaming.

You may listen as often as you want, anytime you want, in New Zealand, and there will be no further fees. Rova is available as a free download on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Westfield Plus

Playstore – 4.8 Appstore – 4.6

Westfield Plus aims to maximize your enjoyment of every Westfield outing and Westfield Direct purchase in New Zealand.

Free shipping for orders over $100, reward points with all Click & Collect purchases, plus hassle-free mail-in returns are just some of the benefits of being a Westfield Plus New Zealand member who shops on Westfield Direct.

Access exclusive perks with the Westfield Plus App at specific New Zealand Westfield locations.

Find local businesses, see maps, learn about upcoming events, browse specials, and reserve a table at a restaurant to enjoy your food with friends and family.

Extended free parking service is available to Westfield Plus New Zealand members at certain Westfield shopping complexes.

To use your Westfield Digital Gift Card, you must first activate it, add it to your wallet or Apple Pay, and then check your balance using Westfield Plus Apps.

Flybuys New Zealand (NZ)

Playstore – 3.8 Appstore – 2.6

Have you made up your mind to do whatever it takes to succeed? With the Flybuys app, it’s simpler than ever to rack up points and earn rewards with regular purchases in New Zealand. Rewards might be yours in no time!

Don’t worry if your connection is spotty or if you’ve run out of data. For convenience, the app now stores your digital Flybuys card locally, so you can log into it even when you don’t have internet service.

You may view your statements and coupons digitally through the app rather than waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

Tracking your individual point totals is now much simpler. You may check your progress at any moment by using the Flybuys app. Try to beat your previous record every day.

Flybuys New Zealand Apps membership is now more accessible than ever with the help of the mobile app.

You just need to download the app and enter your Flybuys number and personal information. You’ll soon be able to collect your rewards.

BNZ Mobile

Playstore – 3.9 Appstore – 4.7

Managing your financial goals and accounts when you’re out and about is now easier than ever, thanks to BNZ Mobile Apps.

Everything from checking and tracking your balance and sending money to topping up your prepaid cell phone can now be done from your mobile device, including the ability to trace your balance.

The BNZ mobile app is terrific since it eliminates the need to use a personal computer to access the sites.

Apple Pay, administration of mortgages and KiwiSaver accounts, communication with customer support via the app, and accounts verification through the app when you phone about your accounts are just some of the valuable features that are included.

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