Sep 29th, 2022

There are some users who might be visually impaired that need to use their phones, so how do they do that? With Android, Google has included accessibility features that can read out text in an app and relay it to the user, so they know what’s on the screen even if they can’t see it well.

For the most part, Android’s TTS does a pretty decent job, but any improvements are always welcome and that’s exactly what Google has done. The company has announced that they will be giving Android’s TTS an improvement in the audio quality department, where they have been upgraded to a new voice model and synthesizer that’s designed to make the voice sound more clear and natural.

The best part is that developers of apps that take advantage of Android’s TTS won’t have to do anything. This is because the changes and upgrades will be made in the background so users can keep using the app and experience the improvements, and developers won’t have to specifically update the app to take advantage of these changes.

Google says that the update will be pushed out to all 64-bit Android devices via an update through the Google Play Store in the next few weeks, so users should be able to look forward to these changes and improvements then.

Source: Google

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