One UI 5 beta program launches for the Samsung Galaxy A52


Usually when it comes to Android updates, companies tend to focus on their latest flagship phones first before moving onto its mid-range devices. But for those who own Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A52 smartphone, you’re in luck because the company has launched the beta for One UI 5 which is based on Android 13.

At the moment, it appears that the beta program for One UI 5 is only available to users in India, but we imagine that Samsung will be opening it up to more users in other countries soon enough. It might be too early to tell when the final version will be released to the public, but the fact that the beta program is now live is a good sign.

It was previously reported that Samsung is expected to bring Android 13 to several of its phones by the end of the year, and the launch of this beta seems to suggest that things are well on track. Like we said though, there is no mention of a specific release date, so all users can do is just wait and see.

Samsung has been relatively quick with its major Android releases, but this year, OnePlus actually beat Samsung to the punch by releasing Android 13 for the OnePlus 10 Pro. While it might be a bit of a bummer for Samsung users, we suppose better late than never!

Source: SamMobile

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