Sep 12th, 2022

While larger capacity batteries are great, battery health is also important. This is because while battery capacity tells us how long our phones should last per charge, battery health tells us how good our batteries are and explain why our phones are no longer lasting as long as they did when they were new.

On iPhones, Apple has included the ability to check your phone’s battery health, but on Android, it’s a slightly different story as users would have to resort to third-party apps. The good news is that soon you won’t have to. This is according to a screenshot shared on Twitter by Mishaal Rahman where an upcoming Android feature was revealed.

According to Rahman, the screenshot was taken in the latest Android 13 Beta QPR1, indicating that it will be coming to Android devices in a future update. The screenshot shows that Google will be implementing a new battery health feature that will tell users the state of their phone’s battery.

While it doesn’t show the actual percentage like iPhones do, it will tell users if their battery health is good or poor, which could help users in some situations where their batteries are draining faster than normal and whether or not it might simply be time for a new phone or to get the battery replaced.

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