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How to check battery health on your Android phone


Like most portable electronics, smartphones come with built-in batteries. The size of these batteries range from phone to phone, and for some, choosing a phone with a large battery is important if they want to keep their phones operational all day. But at the same time, battery health is also worth paying attention to.

This is because over time, lithium-ion batteries will degrade. This is because all batteries hold a fixed number of charges, and each time you charge your phone, they start to lose their charge and over an extended period of time, your battery won’t last as long as it used to compared to when it was new.

So while battery life can be easily displayed on the home screen, how do you check the battery health of your Android smartphone?

Dial pad codes

  1. Launch the Phone dialer app on your device
  2. Type in *#*#4646#*#*
  3. It should bring up a hidden menu that shows you information about your phone

Note that depending on your phone, it may or may not show battery information, so you can try your luck. This is a quick and easy method because it doesn’t require you to download third-party apps and grant it permission, but if it doesn’t work, then we’ll need to look at third-party alternatives.


AccuBattery is probably one of the most popular Android apps for checking on battery information about your phone.

  1. Download and launch AccuBattery
  2. Tap on the Health tab at the bottom
  3. Under “Battery health”, it will show you your phone’s battery health

The downside is that you will need to put the phone through several charges for it to better measure your phone’s battery health, but if you don’t need the information right away, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

In addition to measuring your phone’s battery health, AccuBattery also does other things designed to prevent degradation of your phone’s battery and to preserve it. Users can set charge alarms that remind you when to stop charging your phone to prevent it from hitting 100%.

This is because research has found that charging your device up to 80% is actually better in terms of battery preservation, so having an alarm to notify you when it hits 80% will come in handy for some.

AccuBattery is free for download, but there are ads and other features that are unlocked by spending money, but it’s up to you if you need these extra features.

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