Sep 12th, 2022

Sony’s foray into the mobile gaming segment has been rather dormant for the past years, especially when it comes to hardware – the Japanese electronics giant has long since stopped production of its Xperia Play smartphone, one of the earliest Android phones to feature dedicated gaming controls and software, as well as its PS Vita line of handheld consoles, which served as the main competing device to handhelds like the Nintendo 3DS.

With that said, it seems that there’s been a change of sorts though – Sony has recently announced its latest iteration of the Xperia 1 IV, simply dubbed the “Gaming Edition,” as well as a new accessory designed for mobile gamers and on-the-go streamers. Known as the “Xperia Stream,” the accessory clips on by way of the USB-C charging port, and comes with a cooling system and additional ports to add some versatility to the 1 IV.

Gamers looking for a sequel to the actual Xperia Play might be a bit disappointed however, as the phone isn’t that all different from Sony’s flagship handset. It comes with the same specs as the standard Xperia 1 IV, save for the larger 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage. It also comes with the same chipset as the “standard” version of the phone, and will retail for around $1,200 (converted).

Source: Sony (JP)

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