Xiaomi’s next smartphone could charge at 210W


The batteries on phones these days tend to hover around 4,500-5,000mAh on average. They still don’t last quite as long as feature phones back in the day, and we wonder if we will ever get to that point again, but until then, companies are using fast charging features to make up for it.

Now according to a report from Android Headlines, it seems that Xiaomi could have a new fast charger in the works. This is based on a sighting on the 3C website in which a 210W charger from Xiaomi was discovered, making it potentially the fastest charger we’ve ever seen to date.

If you recall, Xiaomi actually demonstrated a 200W charger in the past which was capable of juicing up a 4,000mAh battery from 0-100% in just 8 minutes, so we imagine that the 210W version will be faster, although we’re not sure by how much. That being said, Xiaomi never actually launched its 200W charger.

Instead, the honor went to the iQOO 10 Pro which came with its own 200W charger, but assuming Xiaomi does launch this 210W charger with their next phone, they could dethrone iQOO as having the fastest charger on the market.

That being said, Xiaomi did explain one of the reasons why they might have held back from launching the 200W charger. The company said that this would affect the handset’s overall battery life where it would lose 20% of its original capacity after 800 charging cycles, which is roughly around 2 years of usage if you were to charge your phone at least once a day.

Source: Android Headlines

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