May 31st, 2021 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 9:20 am

For some reason, we’re still living in an age where our smartphones barely last past a day. Sure, there are some phones that do pack massive batteries, but those are rare and aren’t found in flagships. The next best thing would be to create fast-charging solutions that can juice up a phone in a short amount of time.

Xiaomi thinks they might have the answer to that as they have shown off their brand new “HyperCharge” system. This new fast-charging system, according to Xiaomi, will allow a 4,000mAh battery to juice up in full in a blazing-fast 8 minutes. Yup, that’s about one or two YouTube videos worth and you’re good to go!

Xiaomi’s solution to juice up the phone in 8 minutes relies on 200W of wired power, but it can also be used wirelessly at 120W but you’d have to wait 15 minutes, which we reckon is more than reasonable.

It should be noted that while it sounds good, there are some obvious trade-offs to fast-charging technology. If you’re the type that charges their phone a few times throughout the day, you might burn through your phone’s battery cycles faster, which could reduce its efficiency quicker, but if you’re the type that changes their phone every 1-2 years, we suppose this shouldn’t really be an issue.

We have no idea when Xiaomi will introduce this technology to its phones, but it sounds like something worth keeping an eye out for.

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