Bluetti’s EP600 power station could change the way we power our homes


Power stations are like power banks but on steroids. Instead of merely being able to recharge our phones, power stations can be considered as alternative forms of energy that allow users to charge up and power more demanding appliances beyond smartphones and tablets.

This gives users more flexibility with where they go and what they bring with them, such as on camping trips where power stations can be used to power lights, heaters, stovetops, and so on.

Bluetti is most definitely no stranger when it comes to power stations as the company has created some of the best power stations out in the market today, and recently at IFA, the company has announced its latest offering – the Bluetti EP600 and its accompanying B500 battery.

According to Bluetti, they believe that the EP600 will be a “milestone” for the industry. Unlike some of Bluetti’s power stations that come with a built-in battery, the EP600 will be accompanied by the company’s new B500 batteries.

With its base configuration, it will offer up to 6,000W of power which should be more than enough to power your mobile gadgets as well as appliances and potentially some medical equipment, while also offering 4,960Wh of battery life. Bluetti claims that the EP600 is also capable of supporting as many as 16 B500 expansion batteries.

With this expansion, the total battery capacity will go up to a staggering 79KWh, which means that depending on how you use it, it could be enough to keep the lights on in your home for days before it needs to be recharged. We can see why the company believes that this represents a milestone because when combined with the company’s solar generators, in theory, you may never have to plug it into a wall outlet to recharge them, making it perfect for people who are living on the road.

Bluetti claims that with all these features, the EP600 will be more than capable of running most home appliances with ease. The company expects it to be available in 2023, so keep an eye out for it if you think this is something that fits in with your lifestyle.

Find out more on Bluetti’s website.

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