How to Increase Your Phone’s Trade-In Value


Do you intend to replace your phone? Perhaps you wish to swap your old one for a new one. Well, you have to ensure everything is in perfect condition before you can trade your device. To do that, some improvements will have to be made.

Sometimes, a simple replacement of a few parts may be all you need to get your device looking all new again. However, many a time, you may need a full-blown phone repair to get the phone in good condition again.

In this post, we’re going to be looking at a number of steps you can take to increase your phone’s value.

Keep It in Good Condition

Keep your phone in good shape at the absolute least if you want it to maintain as much value as possible.   This is because the buyer or service center you want to sell to will be drawn to a gadget in good shape. The following are what we mean by “good condition”:

  • There may be minor to moderate wear and scratches consistent with regular use.
  • 100% fully functional

On the other hand, if your phone is defective, it will show the following conditions:

  • Broken screen
  • Faulty display
  • Defective camera
  • Faulty charging port
  • Defective microphone

If your phone is broken, it might make financial sense to fix it before selling it. Don’t worry, you will still turn a profit, as long as the repair cost is less than the sale price you settle for.

Please note that in case you’re having difficulty selling your phone, Nearindex now has a system that connects phone owners with service centers near them. You can check their website to find service centers willing to buy your phone. 

Purchase a High-Quality Phone Case.

You should invest in a quality cover to shield your phone’s sides, back, and front. if you want to preserve it in good shape and avoid dents, nicks, and scratches.

Get one that completely encloses your phone if you want to do that. A flip case is ideal in this situation since it provides quick access to your phone while also providing complete protection. This form of case frequently closes with a magnetic catch, protecting your phone at all times and preventing it from opening in your purse or if you drop it.

Purchase a screen protector.

Excessive chips and scratches make the difference between a smartphone in good condition and one that is defective, lowering the trade-in value of the phone. Especially if those nicks and scratches turn into cracks over time. Scratching or chipping your phone’s screen is one way to reduce its worth.

This is why it makes sense to buy a screen protector. The best screen protector is one made of tempered glass since it will safeguard your phone from all sorts of bumps. In this manner, the overlay screen sustains all damage rather than the underlying phone screen.

A phone’s screen can store up to 70% of its worth. Phone screens, especially OLED panels in mobile phones, are getting harder and more expensive to replace as technology progresses. It makes sense to keep the screen in top condition.

Use only Authentic Charger and Lead.

While cheaper options could tempt you to purchase a third-party charger or USB, if you want to maintain your phone’s worth, you should stick to certified charging equipment.  It would be great if you limit your charger purchases to reputable third parties only.

Although the 3m charging cord costs only $1.99 and is conveniently lengthy, would it be suitable for your phone? Most likely not. If the charging cable doesn’t have a solid electrical connection, it may harm your phone’s charging port, making it unusable and less valuable when you trade it in.

Even worse, it can cause your phone to catch fire, which won’t do anything to help you keep the phone’s value.

Avoid Putting Your Phone Near Liquid

Although it may seem apparent, you should always be mindful of keeping your phone away from liquid. We’re not just referring to dropping your phone in the bathtub or a puddle—liquid can harm your phone in various ways. Even just ambient dampness in excess can harm a phone.

Consider whether you need to bring your phone into the bathroom the next time you are going to take a shower. For instance, the moisture from your hot shower may seep into the charging point and harm the charging station and the battery.

Remember that electricity and water don’t make the best of friends. Keep the two apart, and your phone should work just fine 

Avoid Leaving Your Phone Out in Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can damage your phone, much like wetness can. Both extreme heat and cold can harm your phone, messing with the internal components and leaving you with a defective device. Once more, this will make the phone less valuable.

Your phone’s battery may overheat if you leave it in direct sunlight. If this occurs, it may enlarge or explode in the worst case. Manufacturers advise against exposing devices to direct sunlight for a reason. Well, this explains why.

Keep Children Out of Your Phone Exposure

Children are ultimately clumsy and irresponsible. They are unaware of how pricey your Samsung phones are. At the same time, they’re hurling your phone to the ground or hammering it repeatedly into a tabletop corner.

However, keep in mind that while your pricey phone is, for some reason, in your child’s mouth, the saliva they are drooling into the charging port is harming the electrical contacts all over the electrical connections.

The key message is to keep your phone out of your kids’ reach.

Before you sell your phone, unlock it.

You must unlock your phone through your carrier before exchanging it. This indicates that anyone can use their sim card, and the phone should function. Due to their independence from a specific carrier, unlocked phones frequently bring in more money.

Once your contract has expired, unlocking your phone is free. Therefore, if you choose to take this approach, the value of your phone at trade-in will rise. You must get in touch with your service provider and request that they release the carrier lock after the contract has expired.

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