Aug 12th, 2022

After years of rumors, Google finally unveiled its Pixel Watch at I/O earlier this year. The exact specs are unclear as Google’s announcement was to merely confirm that the device will be coming soon, but if you’re wondering about the watch’s battery life, an APK teardown by the folks at 9to5Google might have revealed it.

The report shares the teardown of the Fitbit app, which apparently could be used to manage the Pixel Watch. According to the strings that the publication discovered, it has been suggested that the Pixel Watch could come with 24 hours of battery life. This is because the strings mention that users will need 30% of charge to track a full night’s sleep.

Assuming that Google is basing a full night’s sleep on 8 hours, some simple math would mean that a full charge of the watch would be around 24 hours, give or take a few hours. This is actually in line with what we had previously heard, where it was rumored that the Pixel Watch could come with all-day battery life.

24 hours is honestly not that much, especially if you plan to use the watch to track your sleep. Other smartwatches offer days, if not a week’s worth of battery, so it is a bit disappointing if the rumors turn out to be true. Then again, if you’re already used to charging your smartwatch everyday or every night, then we guess it shouldn’t really be much of an issue.

The Pixel Watch will most likely be unveiled in full alongside Google’s Pixel 7 phones which should be announced in the coming months, so check back with us again later for the details.

Source: 9to5Google

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