OnePlus teases its upcoming foldable phone


Foldable phones are all the rage these days and it’s not hard to see why. Samsung kind of kickstarted the form factor and while their initial launch did have some issues, over the years, the company has proven that the foldable form factor is not just a passing trend but one that’s here to stay.

So much so that it’s not surprising that more companies are hopping on board, and it looks like OnePlus could be next. In a post on Twitter, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau showed off a component that looks like it could be the hinge for the company’s upcoming foldable smartphone.

We have heard rumors that OnePlus was working on a foldable phone, and these images seem to prove just that. But like we said in our previous report, the OnePlus foldable might not be the most exciting foldable phone, namely because it has been rumored that it is going to be based on an existing foldable phone, the Oppo Find N.

Seeing as how OnePlus and Oppo are under the same parent company and with both companies also collaborating on the software front, this shouldn’t be too surprising. We have no idea when OnePlus will launch their foldable. The company recently took the wraps off their latest flagship phone, the OnePlus 10T, which means that unless OnePlus is planning on hosting another event this year, maybe we can expect an official announcement in 2023.

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