Aug 8th, 2022

Google’s acquisition of Fitbit has brought about many changes to the wearable company’s method of operation, as well as the software features that it offers on its devices. Recently, Google announced that it would soon discontinue the Fitbit Connect App, which allows users to sync their device with a PC for data purposes, including music file transfers and more. The shutdown is scheduled to take place on October 13 this year.

A statement on Fitbit’s website reads: “On October 13, 2022 we’re removing the option to transfer playlists to your Fitbit watch through your computer. You can continue to play personal music stored on your watch and transfer music to your watch with the Deezer app and Pandora app.”

While an alternative is offered to users by way of the Pandora and Deezer apps, there will be a subscription fee alongside each service, as opposed to being able to transfer music freely via the Connect App. This new change will affect older devices like the Fitbit versa and Versa 2, Fitbit Ionic, and such. Users are advised to transfer their music files as early as possible before the shutdown takes place.

On the other hand, devices such as the newer Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense devices won’t be affected by this change.

Source: Fitbit

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