Aug 8th, 2022

Google’s Stadia platform has certainly seen its share of victories and obstacles since its inception, given its relatively early push in the industry a few years back. With that said, new features are being brought over to Google’s video game streaming platform to keep it updated, and the company has announced a brand-new feature in the form of “Party Stream.” 

As with a lot of other gaming platforms, Stadia has made it possible for gamers to stream their gameplay content directly to online video services such as Twitch and YouTube. With Party Stream, players can now stream their exploits in a more “contained” manner – simply put, Party Stream will allow gamers to broadcast their gaming session to 10 people (including the streamer), without having the need to go live on a larger video-sharing website or service.

The 10-person limit can also be shuffled around. For instance, you can have two people streaming instead of one, with eight watching the broadcast, or any other combination, as long as it’s limited to the set amount. Additionally, it’s now possible to switch devices and games within Stadia without having to restart a streaming session.

Last month, Google refuted rumors that Stadia was “shutting down,” after several online posts claimed that the streaming platform was on its way out of the industry.

Source: XDA Developers

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