Aug 3rd, 2022

Regardless of If you’re in the tech or fashion scene, I know you know this feeling well. Your favourite brand announces a special collaboration or a limited edition item, and it has a release date set for a few months’ time.

You’re hyped about it! You know how hot some of these items are, and the only way to get your foot in the door is to be there when the drop happens. (Anyone looking for a Steam deck or a PlayStation 5 in Ireland knows this all too well…)

The big day arrives and! You forgot or overslept. By the time you log back on you have missed your slot and now you are praying to the tech gods that you’ll find it elsewhere.

Well, Twitter is now offering a solution that is hoping to reduce that FOMO.

Remind me button on a twitter below a product page on a twitter main feed
Source: Twitter

Of course, how you found out about these drops in the first place was probably through a social media platform like Twitter or Instagram. But what you might not know is that these are just standard marketing campaigns. There has never been native product support through Twitter or a Twitter shopping experience outside of getting clicks to a shop’s native website.

full product description on twitter using images and not removing you from Twitter itself
Source: Twitter

Now, Twitter will natively incorporate brands and have the option to add a “Remind Me” function for customers to be reminded when a product launches.

You don’t have to commit to using the reminder straight away either. If you’re just curious about it and want to find out more. The item itself is going to have its own personal product page, where the merchant will be able to inform you of all of the aspects of the product you’d be interested in knowing about.

From prices to delivery times and everything in between, you’ll be able to get the important information that you need to know without having to leave Twitter at all.

As of right now, only users in the USA who are using Twitter in English on their Android or iOS devices will have access to this feature. But, if the rollout proves to be useful and effective for both consumers and businesses, you can be assured it will be rolled out to multiple countries in due course.

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