Aug 3rd, 2022 publishUpdated   Aug 5th, 2022, 5:53 am

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the occurrence was a bug with the Play Store, and version numbers are now once again visible on app pages.

Oftentimes, changes to apps and software services are often looked forward to as they bring some new improvements and helpful features that make life easier for end users. However, there are times when changes seemingly occur without context. As such, close inspection of the Google Play Store after its latest update has revealed some new changes.

According to information from the folks over at 9to5Google, it seems that users are no longer able to view an app’s version number on the bottom of its Play Store page. Originally, scrolling down to the very bottom of an app’s page lets one view the current version number, which is particularly useful in troubleshooting situations, for example. It should be noted though that at the moment, version numbers of apps can still be viewed on the Google Play website.

The change was spotted alongside the latest Google app beta, which reveals that version numbers have vanished with version 31.6.13-21 of the Play Store. On one hand, it can be speculated that Google might be trying out a new approach, although no formal statement has been given by the company with regards to this matter.

In other Play Store news, Google backtracked on its removal of Play Store app permissions. It turned out users weren’t a fan of the removal, with the company eventually reinstating permission entries on app pages (the permissions section was initially replaced with information on Data Safety).

Source: 9to5Google

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