Aug 1st, 2022

YouTube does a good job at recommending videos it thinks you might like based on the videos you’ve watched or are watching. This is a good way to discover new content and new creators in the process, and it appears that YouTube is now bringing their expertise over to the YouTube Music app.

According to a report from 9to5Google, it seems that when users use the app, they can tap on the “Related” tab within the app and under “Other performances” it will surface alternate performances of the song you’re listening to. This means that if you’re listening to the studio-recorded version of a song but you wanted to hear alternate versions, like a live performance, for example, you can tap the Related tab and it should show those versions to you.

Image credit – 9to5Google

This is a great feature for fans of an artist or a song who want to be able to discover more versions of their favorite song to listen to. According to 9to5Google, these uploads aren’t all official uploads and sometimes it might include fan recorded performances of a song, remixes, acoustic versions, covers, and more.

As noted by the publication, this change was actually spotted about a month ago by some users, but it looks like the changes are rolling out on a wider scale now.

Source: 9to5Google

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