Jul 28th, 2022

TikTok has established itself as one of the top social media platforms that many are flocking to these days. Now it appears that the company could be planning on leveraging the millions of users it has attracted so far and convince them to sign up for a potential new service – music streaming.

This is according to a report from Business Insider (paywall) in which they discovered that ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, had filed for a trademark application in the US for “TikTok Music”. While this trademark could be for anything, it is largely speculated that it might be used for a music streaming service.

In a way it’s kind of clever. With TikTok currently being one of the more trendy social media platforms with millions of users, it might not be hard for the company to get their users to sign up for a new service. To date, TikTok has over 3 billion downloads globally, making it the only non-Facebook app to have done so.

With its clout and reach, it wouldn’t have a hard time at convincing artists and record labels to hop on board its platform either, especially since many musicians and artists already use TikTok. If that is the case, we imagine that this could prove to be serious competition to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, which are two of the biggest music streaming services at the moment.

TikTok hasn’t officially said anything yet, but what do you think? If TikTok were to launch its own music streaming service, would you be willing to sign up for it?

Source: 9to5Mac

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