Samsung confirms they aren’t done with its Exynos chipsets just yet


Recently, Qualcomm announced that they have renewed their licensing agreement with Samsung and made statements suggesting that moving forwards, more of Qualcomm’s chipsets will be used in Samsung’s flagship phones.

This then begs the question of what will become of Samsung’s Exynos lineup? Is the company calling it quits yet? That’s what some of the rumors and speculation are claiming, but Samsung is putting those rumors to rest. During the company’s Q2 2022 results, a Samsung official dismissed the rumors and was quoted as saying (via Google Translate):

“It is not true at all. Currently, we are reorganizing our system-on-chip (SoC) business model, and are pursuing a plan to strengthen our competitiveness in the mid- to long-term.

In particular, we are focusing on strengthening the competitiveness of the next-generation mobile Exynos, and we are trying to maximize the market share of major customers by strengthening cooperation with leading IP companies and starting early development.

Efforts are underway to improve the soundness of the mobile-oriented business structure by expanding applications such as wearables other than smartphones, and to secure a multilateral cooperation model.”

There have been rumors suggesting that Samsung might use Qualcomm’s chipsets exclusively for the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24. Even if those rumors are true, it wouldn’t necessarily mean Samsung is done with its Exynos chipsets. Some of you might recall that there were also rumors claiming that Samsung could be looking to create new chipsets for its phones, which could be in line with what the Samsung official said.

Source: SamMobile

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