Jul 28th, 2022

Samsung’s flagship smartphones have typically used a mix of chipsets from Qualcomm as well as their own Exynos series. But the rumors are claiming that for the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24, Samsung could end up ditching the Exynos chipsets in favor of using Qualcomm’s chipsets exclusively.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but during a Q&A session at Qualcomm’s financial results press conference, Qualcomm’s CEO has revealed that they have extended their licensing agreement with Samsung for an additional 7 years, ending in 2030. This has led to speculation and also seems to have corroborated the rumors that Samsung could drop its Exynos chipsets for its future flagship phones.

In a statement made by Qualcomm’s CEO, Cristiano Amon:

“This validates that Snapdragon is the technology platform of choice for premium Android experiences. In addition to Galaxy smartphones, the agreement includes PCs, tablets, extended reality and more. We have also agreed to a seven-year extension of our patent license agreement with Samsung, taking the license through the end of 2030 with the same royalty terms. The extension encompasses 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies and devices and will also include future 6G standards and products.”

Amon also made an interesting statement that seems to further cement the rumor:

“And what I can say at this point is we were 75% on Galaxy S22 before the agreement. You should be thinking about we’re going to be much better than that on Galaxy S23 and beyond.”

That being said, we should also note that there is another rumor claiming that Samsung might be looking to design a chipset specifically for its own Galaxy phones. Maybe this could be done in a collaboration with Qualcomm, especially since Qualcomm has worked with other companies to develop custom chipsets. Either way, only time will tell if the rumors are true, and the earliest we will find out will probably be in 2023’s Galaxy S23 series.

Source: PhoneArena

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