Samsung will reportedly be designing chipsets specifically for its Galaxy phones


Samsung’s Exynos chipsets were kind of meant to be the company’s answer to Apple’s A-series of chipsets in the iPhone, but over the years, many customers have expressed their frustration over the performance of the Exynos chipsets, especially in certain markets where the Exynos variant of the phone is the only option customers have.

While Samsung has been trying to improve the Exynos series over the years, the company could be looking to change direction. A tweet from Ice Universe cites an article from Korean publication iNews24 where apparently Samsung Electronics’ President, TM Roh, said that the company will be making a chipset “unique to the Galaxy”.

Note that the article was translated from Korean to English so there could be some subtleties lost during the translation, but assuming it’s right, it sounds like Samsung could be looking to develop chipsets that are exclusively used by its Galaxy  smartphones. While the Exynos chipset is mostly associated with Samsung, it has never truly been exclusive as there have been other devices that take advantage of it, albeit rarely.

This means that instead of creating a chipset that was designed to take into account the variations of hardware design, this new chipset could solely focus on what Samsung wants to do with its phones and can tailor-make an experience on a similar level that Apple does with its iPhones.

It remains to be seen when this chipset could launch, but we probably shouldn’t expect to see it anytime so soon. In the meantime, there have been rumors suggesting that Samsung could actually be considering the use of MediaTek for some of its 2023 smartphones.

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