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Your Chromebook could soon double up as a mobile hotspot


Usually when you need to make a mobile hotspot, you would have to use your phone because that’s the device that’s connected to the internet pretty much all the time, but it looks like if you use a Chromebook, you could expect a bit more flexibility in the future.

This is according to a report from 9to5Google where it appears that Google is testing out a new feature that would allow Chromebooks to turn themselves into mobile hotspots.

Some Chromebooks out there support SIM cards which allows them to connect to the internet when WiFi isn’t available. Oddly enough, despite being able to use a SIM card, Chromebooks in their current state actually do not allow them to be used as hotspots, but this upcoming feature seems to want to change that.

Not much is known about this feature right now apart from its flag description, but it sounds interesting. We’re not sure how many people would actually need their laptops to become mobile hotspots, but it might be useful in situations where your phone is running low on battery, and having your laptop which might be plugged into a power source act as a mobile hotspot could come in handy.

Either way, it’s about giving users options so at least it’s there if users ever need it. We’re also not sure when Google plans on releasing the feature (if at all), but what do you think? When would a laptop with hotspot capabilities come in handy for you?

Source: 9to5Google

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