Google will be giving the Pixel 6 one of the Pixel 6a’s cool camera features


Back in the day, Google’s Nexus phones were all about a vanilla/stock Android experience, but that changed with the Pixel series where Google started introducing features exclusive to the Pixel phones.

One of the exclusive features of the recently-launched Pixel 6a is a camera tool called Camouflage, but the good news is that according to The Verge, Google has told the publication that the feature won’t remain a Pixel 6a exclusive for long and that on the 28th of July, which is this Thursday, they will be pushing out an update that will bring the feature to the Pixel 6 series as well.

For those unfamiliar, Camouflage is a camera tool belonging to the Pixel 6a that helps blend objects in the photo to make it stick out less compared to the rest of the photo. Since we all don’t take photos in highly-controlled studio settings where we get to dictate the color, lighting, and props, sometimes a good photo ends up being an okay-only photo because of a weird and distracting object in the frame.

With Camouflage, Google uses some AI magic to blend that distracting object so that the subject of the photo stands out more. It’s quite a cool feature and it’s good to see that soon, Pixel 6 owners will be able to take advantage of it as well.

Source: The Verge

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