Jul 25th, 2022

Carriers often announce new plans every now and then, and in the process, they also end up deprecating older plans which would force existing customers into them. Sometimes it’s for the better, but more often than not, customers will have to end up paying more than they used to.

For those who are shopping about for a new carrier or new plan, then you might be interested to learn that Boost Mobile has announced its latest unlimited plan priced at just $25 a month. This will cover unlimited talk, texting, as well as 4G/5G data, and the best part is that customers will be able to keep this plan for life as long as the plan remains in autopay.

Dubbed the Carrier Crusher plan, Boost Mobile claims that this is not a temporary promotion and that it’s quite simple and straightforward. The carrier says that this is a $25/month plan for everything, and that users will not be required to do things like have a three month prepaid commitment or that they will need to buy a family plan in order to take advantage of this deal. According to Stephen Stokols, head of Boost Mobile:

“There’s not a wireless option on the market as compelling as Boost Mobile’s $25 forever plan. We know consumers have been overpaying for unlimited access – as much as $80 a month with the other guys.”

For those who are keen on checking out this plan and potentially saving themselves a fair bit of money in the process, you can either pop by one of Boost Mobile’s stores, or head on over to the carrier’s website for the details.

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