Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra might end up with a 200MP camera after all


According to a report from May, it was suggested that a 200MP camera could be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S23. Then another rumor suggested that Samsung might not actually be using a 200MP camera after all, but now the latest rumors are claiming otherwise.

This is according to a tweet by Ice Universe who claims that for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the company might actually end up using a 200MP camera. The specific mention of the Galaxy S23 Ultra could suggest that the 200MP camera could be an exclusive to the Ultra model, and that the other models in the lineup might not feature it.

Ice Universe also goes on to say that the relevant sensor has not been announced, meaning that it is unclear if it will be the recently-announced Samsung ISOCELL HP3 sensor, or the HP1 that was announced last year, or if it could be something else entirely. That being said, should the rumors prove to be true, Samsung won’t be the first to the market with a 200MP camera.

Motorola recently posted a sample image taken by the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra which also features a 200MP sensor, but given that the image was compressed, it’s hard to tell how well the sensor actually takes photos. Either way, the launch of the Galaxy S23 is probably at least half a year away, so we still have some waiting left to do.

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