Samsung expected to bring back the FE series in 2023


Samsung made an interesting choice last year and this year. Instead of launching the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in 2021, they opted to launch it earlier this year. It was later rumored that this could spell the end of the Galaxy S22 FE.

For those those actually prefer the more affordable FE lineup, don’t worry because it isn’t completely dead yet. According to a recent report, it has been suggested that Samsung will be bringing back the FE series in 2023, but it might actually skip the Galaxy S22 models and will launch the Galaxy S23 FE instead.

This isn’t really the worst news since come 2023, the Galaxy S22’s hardware will be “old news”, and we’re sure that users would prefer something a bit more modern, especially at the rate that our smartphones get refreshed.

According to SamMobile, one of the reasons why Samsung opted not to launch the Galaxy S22 FE this year is because of how well the series was doing by itself, and that they also wanted to push the sales of the Ultra model. Launching a cheaper alternative would have surely eaten into the Galaxy S22’s sales, which does seem like a sound reason not to launch the Galaxy S22 FE this year.

The report also claims that the chip shortages forced Samsung to change their plans and priority, where the company ultimately decided to use their resources towards the Galaxy S22 Ultra instead. Either way, 2023 is still about half a year away so take it with a grain of salt for now.

Source: SamMobile

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