The Nothing Phone (1) is already running into display issues


The Nothing Phone (1) was officially launched about a week ago, and those who were lucky enough to secure an invite to buy the phone have already managed to get their hands on the device. Unfortunately, it seems that the handset is being plagued by several display issues almost right out of the box.

According to posts on Twitter and Reddit, users are reporting that they are seeing a green tint on the displays of their phones. As some users have pointed out, these displays aren’t uncommon and have been previously seen on OnePlus phones, the company that Nothing’s founder used to lead.

To be fair to Nothing and OnePlus, this seems to be a common issue with OLED displays as other brands have faced similar problems in the past. Nothing has also acknowledged that this is an issue but apart from that, the company doesn’t seem to have a solution yet and are letting users know that they are awaiting the details on the problem before announcing their next step.

We’re not sure if this is a hardware issue that might resolve itself eventually. In the past, we’ve seen phones that were launched with a yellow-ish tinge which was later discovered to be glue that eventually went away. It is also possible it could be a software issue like the display being calibrated wrongly, either way, hopefully Nothing will have a solution to this problem soon.

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