Another report seemingly confirms the demise of the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE


Earlier this month, it was reported that Samsung might be done with its Galaxy FE series of smartphones. Now according to a tweet by well-known leakster Yogesh Brar, he has corroborated the earlier report by tweeting that he has not heard anything about the development of the Galaxy S22 FE.

Now, to be fair to all these claims, Samsung has not officially announced anything regarding the future of its Galaxy FE phones. Given that the Galaxy S21 FE launched later than usual, it is entirely possible that Samsung might have chosen to launch the phone in 2023 instead of this year.

Launching it this year would put it in conflict with the Galaxy S21 FE and make a lot of customers upset, so maybe the FE series isn’t dead yet, but might be pushed to 2023. We did hear a rumor earlier this year that the Galaxy S22 FE might run on a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chipset, but Brar seems to have dismissed those claims.

It would be a shame if Samsung were to kill off the FE series. The phones, for the most part, represented decent value for money as they packed pretty good hardware albeit at a lower price. Hopefully Samsung hasn’t killed it off yet, but as usual, we’ll have to wait for the company to officially make a definitive statement before coming to any kind of conclusion.

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