Jul 7th, 2022

Right now, Apple and Samsung are two of the biggest smartphone brands. A few years ago, Huawei was part of that list, at least until the US sanctioned the company which pretty much destroyed the company’s global market share.

But what if the US government had not stepped in? What would the smartphone market look like? According to Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu, he believes that the only relevant players left standing would be Huawei and Apple.

“If it weren’t for the US’s intervention and suppression of [Huawei], the world’s major mobile phone manufacturers might be Huawei and Apple. […] Others are small manufacturers, including the Korean company (Samsung), which may be mainly sold in the US and South Korea markets.”

This seems to suggest that Huawei would have dominated the market so hard that it would have essentially rendered Samsung, who is currently in the number one position, irrelevant. To be fair, Yu’s opinion might have some merit. Prior to Huawei being placed on the US Entity List, the company was experiencing a meteoric rise.

They churned out phone after phone with hardware and features even better than the previous model. Of course, it’s hard to say if Huawei could have continued along this trajectory as we’re sure that other competing brands would not have sat back and let that happen.

Source: PhoneArena

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