Spotify is testing “Community” a real-time activity viewer for your friends

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It’s been easy to share playlists to Facebook pals using Spotify’s social function for a while, its only been accessible through the desktop client. Users of mobile devices might finally be able to try it out as well.

The Friend Activity sidebar from Spotify’s desktop app will soon be available on mobile devices. You will be able to follow your buddies’ music activities in real time thanks to a feature named “Community,” according to TechCrunch.

Spotify confirmed to TechCrunch that Community is in early testing after a leak surfaced by Chris Messina, a product leader at the private investment website Republic, but provided no further information.

Community is currently not accessible for everybody, nor to Android users. Yet, several iOS users using Safari are in for an early treat because they can access the functionality by putting “spotify:community” into the address bar.

Nevertheless, the interface doesn’t seem to be usable at the moment, so you might want to hold off till it is formally released.

The most recent development demonstrates Spotify’s efforts to offer additions its social portfolio, which served as the cornerstone of its formative years, equal priority. Blend, a tailored experience that lets two pals combine their musical preferences, was introduced by Spotify last year.

To stay competitive with some of the top music streaming services, like YouTube Music, the service only recently changed its emphasis to personalisation tools.

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