Jun 27th, 2022

A closed caption setting for videos is being rolled out by Twitter and will be available to users worldwide on iOS and Android. The website tried the video captioning function for the first time back in April. The business stated on Friday that it has started rolling out to everyone on both mobile platforms, despite the fact that that was only a test involving a small number of iOS users.

A “CC” button will automatically appear in the top right hand corner of the video if you click on a video in your feed that has available captions. Comparable toward what we’re accustomed to on YouTube and other video hosting sites, tapping it would show any subtitles/captions at the bottom.

However, the tweet makes no mention of if there would be alternatives to modify the closed caption feature, such as altering typefaces or their widths. Since the deployment has only recently begun, we anticipate future improvements if adequate user feedback is received.

Although they will initially only be accessible in the original language of the film, closed captions are already offered more than 30 languages.

Twitter appears to be releasing accessibility services in droves for its users. To give users rapid access to image captions, the app just made its ALT tag widely available.

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