Google Pixel 6a seems to boast a faster fingerprint sensor than the Pixel 6 Pro


The problem we’ve found with in-display fingerprint sensors is that they tend to work slower compared to external physical sensors mounted on the side or back of a phone. It’s not particularly noticeable unless you compare it side-by-side, but over the course of using the phone for a few years, it adds up.

Now, with the Google Pixel 6a expected to launch next month, we’re sure some of you might be wondering if the phone is worth getting over the Pixel 6. If fingerprint sensor speeds are important to you, then this could be a good reason to get the Pixel 6a over the Pixel 6 Pro. This is according to Malaysian YouTuber Fazli Halim who published an early review of the handset and discovered that it had a faster fingerprint sensor than its Pro sibling (jump to the 4:55 mark)..

The test also revealed how the fingerprint sensor appeared to work more consistently compared to the Pixel 6 Pro, which kept telling the user to “hold a little longer”. We’re not sure if the Pixel 6a has a new sensor under the hood or if its software has been optimized to work better. Keep in mind that the Pixel 6 did cause a bit of controversy over the speed and effectiveness of its fingerprint sensor, so it’s good to see that it might have been fixed with the Pixel 6a.

That being said, keep in mind that for the most part, the Pixel 6a is quite similar to the Pixel 6 series in terms of hardware. It uses the same Tensor chipset but it does come with less RAM and its cameras have lower-resolution sensors. The upside is that it is going to be cheaper and now with this faster fingerprint sensor, it could prove to be a pretty compelling choice.

Source: 9to5Google

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