The Growing Popularity of Buying Refurbished iPhones Over New


The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phones all over the world. It is fitted with outstanding cameras and features that make it appealing to everyone. However, it comes with a huge price tag that can be too much for some people. There is good news for anyone who wants to own an iPhone: refurbished iPhones are a great alternative. You can enjoy the features of an iPhone at an affordable price. Before searching for refurbished iPhones near you, there are a few things you need to know about them and why they are getting more popular by the day.

What Is a Refurbished iPhone?

An iPhone is an expensive phone that is out of reach for many people. There is a difference between used iPhones and refurbished ones. Refurbished iPhones are sold by Apple while used iPhones are sold by individuals or phone shops. Some customers return their faulty handsets or replace their old iPhones with new ones from Apple. The company fixes the internal and external components of the phone and passes it through various quality tests to ensure that it is in good working condition. These phones are offered at a discounted price.

Quality Grade of Refurbished Phones

Not all iPhones come in tip-top condition as they can have signs of wear and tear on their bodies. Before distributing refurbished iPhones to sellers, they must be graded based on their quality. The grades are as follows:

  • Grade A: similar to a new phone. No obvious signs of cracks or scratches. Additionally, these phones usually come with their original box and accessories.
  • Grade B: a few scratches or defects can be found on these phones but not to an extreme level. A grade B phone should work properly without any internal issues.
  • Grade C: these phones function normally but they were used for a long time. There will be apparent damage to the phone’s outer surface.

There are lower grades, but it is recommended to stick to these grades only. Naturally, the phone’s quality grade affects its price with grade A being the most expensive and grade C the most affordable.

What to Look for When Buying a Refurbished iPhone?

Avoid falling for scams by knowing what to look for when you buy a refurbished iPhone and you will find the perfect phone for you. Buying from the first seller you find might leave you with a faulty device. That’s why the first thing to do is to go to a trusted and verified seller. This goes for buying a new or refurbished iPhone. You will be able to assure yourself of the quality of the phone and you will get the right receipt for any unpleasant surprises. Always ask the seller if they have a return policy because the phone may malfunction at any moment, and without this policy, you will lose a large sum of money.

One of the things you should check is the network lock. Most refurbished phones don’t have a network lock, according to the information on WeSellTek.com, but if the phone you bought had a lock and you are not on the same network, you will have to undergo the hassle of returning it. To confirm whether an iPhone is refurbished, go to Settings, then General, About section, and look at the model number. It should start with M, N, F, or P. M means it’s a new iPhone, N is a replacement phone, F means it’s refurbished, and P is a personalized iPhone.

Why Should You Buy a Refurbished iPhone?

The obvious reason is to save money. You will have the same quality as an iPhone at a lower price. Since Apple releases a new iPhone every year, the market for refurbished iPhones grew exponentially in the last couple of years. You will be able to upgrade your current iPhone with a newer model without breaking the bank. Buying from a trusted seller will get you a phone that functions well and also looks great, at an attractive price.

People have become more environmentally aware and want to reduce their carbon footprint. Purchasing refurbished phones is a part of a circular economy which means that this economic approach doesn’t only benefit the environment but also the business and society. Manufacturing of new phones consumes materials while emitting CO2 that is dangerous for our environment. To be eco-friendly, buy refurbished phones instead of new ones.

Why Did Refurbished iPhones Become Popular?

Everyone wants the newer model of their phone once it’s released. However, upgrading your phone every year is a huge expense since the prices of iPhones are rather high. Since refurbished phones are cost-effective, more customers started buying them to access the quality they want at affordable prices. One contributory factor to the high demand is the outbreak of COVID-19 as it forced employees and students to work and study from home. They became dependent on their phones and tablets as all of their tasks are done online. They needed better devices to do their tasks faster.

Refurbished phones had a bad reputation a few years ago as the quality of phones wasn’t up to par. In 2016, a study found that around 50% of refurbished phones were faulty or out of order. The same study was conducted in 2022 to find that only 18% of tested phones were damaged. The increasing quality of refurbished phones made people turn to this alternative to save money while not giving up quality.

Where to Get a Refurbished iPhone?

There are many ways to get a refurbished iPhone. Apple has refurbished stock on its website that you can buy from. Telecom retailers also offer these phones but they can be network locked. However, they offer payment plans and competitive prices for their clients. Finally, you can find online and physical sellers that sell refurbished iPhones, but make sure they are trusted.

Refurbishing old and used iPhones to a pristine condition is a good way to upgrade your phone without paying a lot of money. The quality of refurbished phones is getting higher as they undergo a series of quality tests before they are distributed. It is essential to deal with a trusted seller and to make sure your new refurbished iPhone is in good working condition before buying it.

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