May 19th, 2022

There are many reasons why you might leave a WhatsApp group chat. It might have become too spammy, or topics that no longer interest you, and so on, but sometimes for some reason, some people get offended when someone leaves a group chat and it can feel rather adversarial.

The good news is that according to a report from WABetaInfo where it seems that in a future update to the app, users will be able to leave group chats without informing the entire group that they have left.

Image credit – WABetaInfo

According to the screenshot you can see above, it does mention that admins will be notified that users have left, but otherwise the rest of the group will remain oblivious unless they bother to check the group’s member listing. This could be a useful privacy feature as well, especially if users are leaving a group for personal or embarrassing reasons, so leaving this way will help protect your privacy to a certain extent.

Keep in mind that this feature isn’t live yet to all users as it was spotted in the desktop beta, so it’s hard to say when exactly it is expected to launch, especially for mobile device but it might be something that some of you might be looking forward to in the future.

Source: WABetaInfo

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