May 26th, 2022

Certain materials can yellow over time when exposed to the oils from our hands, sunlight, and so on, but this usually happens over an extended period of time. Unfortunately for Google Pixel 6 owners, it appears that the official cases that they bought for their phones are yellowing a lot faster than they would like.

This is according to reports posted across various platforms such as Reddit, where users are sharing photos of the official Pixel 6 turning a very ugly yellow. Given that the Pixel 6 is less than a year old, this is kind of worrying and disturbing, especially when you consider the fact that official accessories tend to be priced higher than third-party alternatives.

Image credit – u/A_Giant_Baguette @ Reddit

One of the appeals of first-party accessories is that there is comfort knowing that they were designed specifically for their devices and are usually of better quality than some cheaper third-party alternatives. This doesn’t seem to be the case for the Pixel 6’s accessories. Some users are even reporting that their cases have warped, or in some instances, don’t fit at all.

It is unclear why these cases are yellowing faster than normal. It could be the choice of material that Google chose, but either way, if you are planning on picking up the Pixel 6 or the more recent Pixel 6a, then perhaps you might want to consider seeking out some alternative brands that might not come with these issues.

Source: The Verge

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